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Did Handel ever knew how to create music for some cups and balls?

The Music... The Magic... The Mystery.... & Royce - International Master of Magic ®

The most basic, classic in music and magic.

Did Handel ever knew how to create music for some cups and balls?
Did Vivaldi ever expected to compose music for a piece of rope.
Did mozart wished to write down the music for only three cards?

Royce has developed a great new concept between magic and music. Combine the nicest clasical music with great magic and you will be amazed. Enjoy the experience between music and Magic!

What is parlour magic?
Parlour magic is magic that the audience can experience as close as ten feet or less from the magician. The origin of the magic and the word comes from Medieval France and the Late Roman era and means quick fingers.

Quick hands and what many people call sleight of hand is the essence of close up magic. The idea is of course that the hand is quicker than the eye and the success and longevity of the craft are based on proven fact from science that your eyes just cannot follow what a master magician does with his hands in a few hundredths of a second.

The presentations vary from card manipulation to coin tricks. Making a copper coin change hands with a silver coin is one of the oldest illusions and is really so simple that almost anyone can do it. Variations include multiple coins, coins and cups, and disappearing cards.

The attraction of parlour magic is that every member of the audience is trying to figure out how the magician did the trick. Being so close to the illusionist makes everyone think they can see what happens when in reality their eyes just do not work that fast. This is the fun of close up magic.

This kind of magic is great for children and adults. Everyone tries to show the magician up by revealing how the trick is done and nobody ever gets it right. The centuries old attraction of this art is based on the adroitness of the prestidigitator and the innate curiosity of people.

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About Royce

Royce hails from Holland and lives together with his partner Mariandl in Belgium.
Royce masters the classic art of magic and has developed very special acts. For instance the manipulation act with growing coins and goldbars was awarded with the Grand-Prix of the Netherlands.

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